The  Venue


A professional, well-appointed theater with comfortable, swing-up, cushioned burgundy seating for 430 patrons. Audience area is handicap accessible, handsomely carpeted with stage ramps and wide, numbered, well-lit aisles. Professional audio, lighting, rigging, staging, large dressing rooms, spacious lobby with ticket booth and large restrooms.


Theater Stage:

  • Stage is 39’x 90’ wooden black-painted with a 54’wide by 20’ tall opening.

  • Burgundy main, front, opening curtains. Side, overhead and back curtains are black.

  • About 16 downstage XLR microphone jacks, 2 jacks for stage monitors, electrical outlets and 4-stage pockets with 3 twistlock outlets. Stage manager theater panel located to stage right. Telex communication jacks located on both sides of stage.

  • Wenger 7.5’ x 3’ risers in three heights: 8”, 15” and 24” (4 of each size). Wenger acoustical shells about 15’ high. 

  • Seventy-five folding chairs. Forty-five concert-style burgundy cushioned chairs. 

  • Music stands and conductor podium.

  • Thirty-six channel rigging with 12 channels currently in use.

  • Computer-video equipment with screen: Professional video projection system, DVD, and multi-audio video inputs accommodated. 

  • Large 35’ x 22’ movie presentation screen. 

  • Internet access on stage and in the projection booth.

Back-stage Areas:

  • Professionally designed men’s and women’s dressing rooms with adjoining bathrooms. Dressing room areas are spacious, well-lit with 40 running feet of counters, mirrors with rows of lights and sinks. Dressing rooms may also be used as practice or warm-up areas.

  • Back stage storage consists of two levels of secure 20’ x 20’, caged storage for equipment, scenery and props.

  • A large acoustically designed choir room (40’ x 40’) may be used as a practice or warm-up room.

  • A large 10’ wide by 18’ high overhead door separates the back stage area from the main stage. Another overhead door (10’ x 11’) provides access to the back stage from outside the building. 

WANT TO RENT THE VENUE?  Please CLICK HERE for the the Camp Verde School District.